The property upon which The Settings of Black Mountain sits is rich in local history.

 The land was part of the estate of Rafael Guastavino, the architectural engineer famous for domed brick ceilings. His work can be found at the Biltmore Estate, the Basilica of St. Lawrence in Asheville, and in some of New York City’s most prominent Beaux-Arts landmarks.

At the invitation of George Vanderbilt, Guastavino came to Asheville to work on the Biltmore Estate. Guastavino is well known as the designer of self-supporting arches and architectural vaults seen in many New York City landmarks; including Grand Central Terminal, Carnegie Hall and the American Museum of Natural History. He loved the area so much that he eventually purchased 1100 acres in Black Mountain, primarily between 1894 and 1905.

Guastavino built his three-story family home, named “The Spanish Castle”, family farm, kilns and saw mill on a portion of his property currently occupied by the Christmount Conference Center.  The remainder of his property, about 412 acres located across NC Highway 9, remained largely undeveloped. This area was sold to The Settings of Black Mountain LLC, the developer of The Settings, in 2003.

Over the next several years, the community infrastructure was built out, including the clubhouse, water system, sidewalks and roadways.  One roadway, Guastavino Lane, was named to honor its prior owner.

During the initial buildout, the developer preserved 115 acres property through the North American Land Trust.  This land extends to the very top of the property, along the Eastern Continental Divide, where you can hike to on our Upper Trail. From here, you can hike along the upper rim of the Swannanoa Range and access miles of other hiking trails.

Then came the economic downturn of 2008. Like many other planned communities in western North Carolina, the developer was unable to complete his plans for The Settings. Fortunately, The Settings came through this challenging time by the dedicated efforts of several owners who took over the management of the community, forming The Settings of Black Mountain Association in 2011 and contracting with a professional community management company.

Today, all the original lots have been sold and are privately owned. Over 50 homes have now been built or are under construction. Local realtors have information on properties currently for sale.

The community is under the management of a homeowner’s association led by home and property owners.  Our finances are strong, and we carry no debt.  Our annual assessment is a modest $1,500 and our Capital Reserve is fully funded.

You can access our primary Governing Documents below:

By-Laws as of March, 2013

By-Laws as amended April, 2024 – Election and Term of Office

Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions

Architectural Design Guidelines

Construction Guidelines

Storm Water Drain Policy

Lot Modification Policy

We invite you to visit our community to see all that it has to offer.  We look forward to meeting you!